November 10, 2022

Esplora Consulting partner featured by the Women Entrepreneur India Magazine in the “Top 10 Women Leaders from China - 2022"


Divya Hazra, India Desk partner of Esplora Consulting, has been featured in the “Top 10 Women Leaders from China - 2022" by the Women Entrepreneur India Magazine, a journal about the emerging and established women leaders of our time.

"Almost a year ago, I began this entrepreneurial journey amidst a lot of uncertainties but with a lot of hope. Through a fair share of ups and downs, this recognition reinforces that I made the right choice. I couldn’t have done this without the trust and confidence of my clients, colleagues, family and friends. A big thank you to them all,"  - Divya said.

“Top 10 Women Leaders from China - 2022" is an annual list of the most influential industry leaders in the country.  

In an interview with Women Enterpreneur magazine, Divya spoke about her motivation behind turning into enterpreneur, experience with working in cross-border projects and views about the future of the legal sector.

"I also believe that lawyer will always be necessary due to the unique insight they provide into their clients' situations. To be able to incorporate that knowledge into the deeds we prepare for our clients or the way we handle their other legal matters is invaluable," - she concluded.