February 15, 2022

Сompany registration process-How to register a company in Kazakhstan


General provision and requirements for a company registration in Kazakhstan


Before registering a company in Kazakhstan you should know that:

  • You may need to obtain business licenses, permit and/or approval (required based on industry);
  • A limited liability partnership may not have as its sole member another business partnership consisting of one person;
  • Business visa would be required for foreign directors.


  1. Choose the form of organisation (Limited Liability Partnership, Branch, Representative Office, Join Stock Company)
  2. Choose a company name
  3. Choose a type of activity
  4. Choose the category of business
  5. Obtain IIN for the director(in case of a foreign citizen)
  6. Collect the necessary documents in accordance with the legislation of the RK
  7. Application for registration

Keep in mind

Registering a company in Kazakhstan will not require you to be physically present but you should provide us required documents. (Please note that documents need to be notarized and apostilled).

Necessary documents

  1. Tax statement of the company;
  2. Copy of the passport of the founder (founders);
  3. The founder's certificate of registration or an extract from the commercial register;
  4. Charter of the company;
  5. Decision/Report of the General Meeting on the establishment of the company/branch;
  6. Power of attorney for the representative.

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